Diana Lim

Hi there, I am Diana. Its great to be part of the team to join reallifetorunway as I love fashion and beautiful things. I believe that clothes bring out confidence in oneself and can make one look pleasant too. 

It is a great opportunity to cross paths with reallifetorunway, it is fun and interesting to showcase different designers' work and meet like-minded people.

During my free time, I would like to distress by going to the gym for workout. Yoga and Zumba are some where I try to keep myself healthy and fit. I love shopping, catching up with friends and not forgetting to catch up with the latest drama series in town too.

Someday, I might want to learn to cook for my loved ones, travel to countries where I haven't visited and perhaps learn a new language.

Till then, to lots of fun and laughter in this new adventure.