Fritzie P

I am creative, hungry, cheery and always on the lookout for all things fabulous even when they don't seem to exist. I like to explore off-the-beaten paths and roads less travelled. Where I can go beyond normal, I prefer to be uniquely different and to always look at the brighter side of life.

I love surprises and thus, travelling the world to see and understand from different perspectives excites me much! I also adore music and words - I sing, play guitar, dance and write.

I always find different cultures and languages interesting. I speak 5 languages including English, Tagalog, some French, a little Japanese, plus one other local Filipino dialect called Ibanag. I love to read and habitually one-up myself. I delight in that there is no end to learning and evolving to someone always better than I was yesterday.

I love fashion because it allows me to unleash my creativity in the way I express myself - be it in the outfit, makeup, colours, style, and even in the way I should project my own personality in different situations.

I stand firm in my faith as well. And I love giving encouragement to people around me and building others up. I was raised to believe there is enough Sun for everybody.