Janeen M

Growing up, I never believed I am beautiful enough. I don't have clear complexion, nice set of teeth, or other things you always see on the TV and magazines.

But I learned in life that you are, who you believe. And that no one is in your way except you and your limiting beliefs. 

So here I am chasing my dreams, and somehow challenging my status quo in @reallifetorunway. For me, being able to join this event is a big opportunity. It's not only just for walking the runway or wearing the designer clothes, but the community it is able to build. People who support each other, no judging of race, colour and shape.

If you want to join us, just dm me or @reallifetorunway. You can also follow @reallifetorunway to see my astonishing transformation and also other members as well! Keep dreaming everyone! TC Lovelots Xoxo