Jovy Chua

Hello, my name is Jovy. I am a simple lady leading a simple life, with a simple motto of "Have faith in God and stay positive."

When I have free time, I enjoy watching dramas, simply doing nothing and enjoy being lazy..."The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars describes it all!

Why did I join reallifetorunway? My two beloved children are the main reasons. I want to bring a message to them that if mummy dares to try new things and experience life, you should be courageous too in experiencing new things. Also, my younger daughter's dreams are to be a model and dancer. I am joining this event with her to realise her little dreams.

Besides my children being my main motivation and drive, I felt this is a meaningful event where reallifetorunway advocates, fashion, common people, ambassadors...etc.

Enjoying this exciting and fun experience, and leaving extraordinary footprints in my simple life!

If you like fashion, fun and want to paint some colours in your life, come join us!