Shirley Tan

Being the 'sacked' housewife at 40, this self-proclaimed free-spirited speedster believes in living life to the fullest(by her own definition/the way she likes will do), without regrets.

Today, this Drama Mama is thankful for this series of events organised by reallifetorunway that allows her to give back to the society while having fun. Being a photographic model is a childhood dream come true.

Dance is a very big part of her life and she would love to spend her time catching the sun rise and set.

Inspired by the book Lin-spiration, life is now 'In Jesus' name I play'.

She aspires to "help all of mankind achieve wealth and success, possess health, and lead a beautiful life". To her, true success is "a measure of whether you are making the most of your life you have right now, today, in this moment."