W H Y  M O D E L  W I T H  U S?
 You are adding meaning to fashion by being in the
runway that embraces diversity.
 It’s great to be in this cast to participate in such an
occasion as it does not happen often enough.
 A great way to have fun with abundance of creativity & style.
 To go through the process of what it is like to be a model.
 Styled by our professional make up and hairstyling team.
 Casted by our team of R E A L L I F E T O R U N W AY designers
with looks will be of different variations from glamorous, vogue,
abstract design, arty, boho,workout, street style.
(This is a fashion all-togetherness showcase to exhibit in a less
conventional view of HI-LO. A broader vision that is
able to generate new harmonies, learn from differences,
and create another form of luxury.)
 For instagram worthy pictures of yourself.
 For the power of meaningful life experiences that
could change your life if not immediate but lasting
memories you will not forget.

 For all the fashionable goodies in our swag bag 

 To do your bit for society as R E A L L I F E T O R U NW A Y donates to charity